Webinar: Prepare to Become a Beekeeper

Is beekeeping right for you? What does it take? Get your questions answered on this live webinar!

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If you have thought about becoming a beekeeper, but feel like you have more questions than answers then this webinar is right for you!

I remember my journey into beekeeping and regret that it took me over two years to get my questions answered, overcome my hesitations, and finally jump into beekeeping. I wish I had not lost that time, as I love being a beekeeper so much!

Then as a new beekeeper, I remember fellow NewBees asking basic questions at local club meetings and getting responses that just left them overwhelmed. I set out to use my teaching background, combined with my experiences as a beekeeper, to develop NewBee University where our goal is to take the overwhelm out of becoming a beekeeper.

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Date: Thursday, January 21st, 2021

Time: 2 pm Central Time

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In This Webinar You Will Learn:

🐝 Costs and What is Needed (and not Needed) to Start Beekeeping

Beekeeping might not be as expensive as you thought. You will learn what is required to start, what can wait, and what you do not need to spend money on.

🐝 Basics of Buying Bees Learn the Best Way to Ensure Success

The idea of having to buy buys, or the thought of having them sent through the mail may cause some of that "overwhelm" that I mentioned I would help you try and avoid. It is not as overwhelming as it sounds, although there is definitely a best way to buy bees and we will discuss that in this webinar.

🐝 Time Commitment and Tasks of a Beekeeper

You might wonder if you have the time for bees and what you actually have to do to raise them. Can you just set up your hive and check back when the honey is ready? Or is a more hands on approach needed?

🐝 How to Choose a Hive Location

You might have hesitations because you don't own a farm or have acreage for honey bees. We will discuss how much space is needed and how to find a location if your space doesn't work for you.

🐝 How Much Liquid Gold (Honey) You Will Get

I know you are not in it just for the honey, there are hundreds of reasons to become a beekeeper and each persons reasons are different.......BUT.....honey is a sweet reward for raising a successful colony, so we will discuss reasonable expectations for honey production.

🐝 Answers to Your Questions

Once you enroll in this webinar I have a quick 3 question survey that should take you 1 minute to complete. In this survey I will get some initial questions you might have about beekeeping to get our Q & A session started. Additionally there is a comments section on the bottom of the webinar page that will be open for you to enter your questions. I will try my best to answer as many as I can and follow up with anyone whose questions I wasn't able to get to live. So if you have got questions be sure to complete the survey and then join us live!

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Course Curriculum

  Introduction to Beekeeping Webinar
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Your Instructor

Matthew "Mr. D" Doucette
Matthew "Mr. D" Doucette

My name is Matthew Doucette, founder of NewBee University. I have a Master's in Education, but more importantly a love of bees and a passion for sharing that love with others. I am pleased to be able to have the opportunity to bring new students into the wonderful world of beekeeping and helping them build the foundation to making this a long-term hobby. I look forward to working with you and helping you start your first hive!

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