Chapter 8 Overview

In this chapter you will learn:

Lesson 1: The Varroa Mite

  • Why the Varroa mite is a beekeepers number one enemy
  • Basics of the Varroa Mite
  • How to test for mites
  • How and why so many beekeepers loos colonies to mites
  • How to use Honey Bee Health Coalition's guide for choosing treatment options

Lesson 2: Wax Moths

  • What Wax Moths are
  • How to prevent wax moth damage
  • What to do if comb is damaged

Lesson 3: Small Hive Beetle

  • What Small Hive Beetles are
  • How to prevent Small Hive Beetle damage
  • What to do if comb is damaged

Extended Learning: Detailed Look at the Small Hive Beetle

This optional resource is an hour long presentation on the Small Hive Beetle from one of my favorite presenters, Dr. Jamie Ellis. He goes above and beyond the "need to know" facts about the SHB in a humorous and engaging way. If you are interested in digging deep, take a look. If you are in a hurry, skip by this extended learning and revisit it any time.

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